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La Cucina, established in 1995, is a fine dining restaurant that serves Italian cuisine in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. As one of the top restaurants in Jordan, La Cucina has proudly maintained its quality and reputation as one of the most respected and admired restaurants in Amman. Centrally located in a private villa in the upscale neighborhood of Abdoun and in close proximity to the 5-star hotels, La Cucina is a premier choice for discerning locals as well as foreigners.

La Cucina offers the perfect balance of elegance and sophistication in a welcoming home-style environment. Top-notch service combined with sincere graciousness create a unique setting of comfort and relaxation. From cuisine to decor, La Cucina has a passion to deliver only the finest quality and cater to those who appreciate the best. The entrance is adorned with framed testimonials by guests who have dined at La Cucina and include kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers, heads of international dignitary organizations, ambassadors and business leaders, celebrities, visitors and locals, families and renowned world chefs. Delight yourself and your guests with an unforgettable experience at La Cucina.


A warm and cozy dining room, thoughtfully appointed with crisp linens, elegant utensils, comfortable chairs and intriguing antiques, awaits you at La Cucina. The restaurant was designed by the family to reflect elegancy and comfort with inviting surroundings. The restaurant is often adorned with family-owned pieces and artwork which are intended to be shared with the guests. A fireplace adds a cozy touch to the dining room while the tropical aquarium adds movement and interest. Panoramic windows showcase the outdoor greenery and  natural brick add texture for a rustic European touch.

One of the restaurant's foremost attributes is the unwavering dedication to provide the most friendly, personalized service in order to make guests feel at home and comfortable. La Cucina strives to create a unique and exceptional dining experience where guests not only enjoy their dining experience but look forward to their next visit with anticipation. In keeping with the standards and expectations of a 4-star restaurant, cleanliness and hygienic surroundings are of utmost importance throughout the restaurant. As one of the most prestigious restaurants in Amman, La Cucina sets the standards of what is to be expected in fine dining.


Enjoy drinks and a cigar by the fireplace in the adjacent Burgundy Room. A full bar is available in a lounge style setting with live piano offered on select nights. Whether having a drink before dinner, waiting for friends or even enjoying your meal in a more casual environment, you're sure to have a pleasant evening in the warm and sophisticated Burgundy Room.


One of the most unique and spectacular aspects of dining at La Cucina is the famous outdoor terrace which is open during the summer months. A favorite among the locals, the terrace offers a European style characteristic that sets the perfect tone for a fine meal to be enjoyed al-fresco during Amman's cool summer nights. Comfortable fine dining seating arrangements placed amidst lush greenery and flowers create a lovely setting for gatherings with friends, family or business associates.


La Cucina offers fine Italian cuisine with both classic and contemporary recipes on the menu. An extensive variety of over 80 dishes offered including gourmet pastas, fresh seafood, U.S. Choice A Angus beef fillet, veal and whole lobster. A popular dish which is exclusively offered at La Cucina is the Salt Fish baked in the wooden oven and served for two. This whole fish is caught in Yemen, marinated overnight and baked in a salt crust to be served fire-flamed and brought to your table by the chef himself. Because of the steadfast quality and flavorful recipes, regular guests feel confident to be adventurous and try new dishes on the menu.

The staff’s experience is as old as La Cucina, with some staff having joined the restaurant single many years ago and continue to work at the restaurant, but now married and with a family of their own. The chef, kitchen staff and owners work together as a family to provide exquisite recipes for an exciting journey of exotic tastes and gourmet cuisine. La Cucina offers a menu which is full of love and care and the restaurant prides itself on serving recipes with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.


La Cucina is a family owned and operated restaurant that is to present operated by the founding owners, Munjed Wajih Murad and his wife Nevin, who introduced the "gourmet menu" in Jordan in 1973 through the first professional pastry shop. Since then, it has continued a unique fine dining journey adopted by a home cooking theme. When not on travel, Mr. and Mrs. Murad are often seen dining at La Cucina and sharing valuable moments with dining guests. La Cucina is a cherished family business which is evident by all who have an opportunity to dine at this fine establishment.

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La Cucina Alcohol
Mohammed Ali Janah Street
Amman, Jordan.

Tel: (962-6)

Cuisine: Italian
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lacucinajordan
E-mail: majdi@itag-me.com

Business Hours: Lunch 12:30-4:30 | Dinner 6:30-11:30

Lunch & Dinner

Cuisine: Italian. A few specialties include:


Lobster Bisque


Italy's Buffalo Cheese with Basil & Tomatoes


Seafood Salad served in a Shell


Risotto Milannaise with Asparagus & Sliced Chicken


Linguini Prawn in Chili Oyster


Tagliatelli Chicken, Asparagus & Mushrooms in a light Cream & Lemon Grass Sauce


White Fillet Parchment baked and stuffed with Mushrooms


Whole Baked Fish in Crusty Salt (An Exclusive La Cucina Specialty)


Charcoaled Tuna Steak with a Citrus, Sesame & Ginger Sauce


Marinated Chicken Breast in a Thyme Mushroom Cream Sauce


Veal with Asparagus in a Special House White Sauce


Peppercorn Rolled Fillet, flamed and service with a Classic Gravy


Lamb Shank with Rosemary & Thyme Sauce


Grilled U.S. CHOICE A Angus Beef Filet


Whole Lobster & Lobster Tail


Classic Tiramisu

Modern Amenities: Complimentary Wi-Fi

Special Services:
Unique tailored menus for Christmas, Easter, Valentine and Eid Holidays.

Ambiance: Elegant, Sophisticated & Comforting

Serves Alcohol:

Corporate Facilities: Yes, please inquire within for details

Private Parties:
Yes, private rooms indoor and private garden facilities outdoor are available.

Private Booking:
La Cucina is known to be an ideal locale for holding private functions such as engagements, small weddings and business functions.

Catering: Yes, catering is available and is tailored to the guests' requirements.

Business Lunches: Yes, business lunches are offered with special prices and an extensive selection.

Buffet: Offered for private functions and catering if requested, in addition to Ramadan Iftar.

Live Entertainment:
 Available for private functions and special occasions.

Dress Code:
 Formal/business casual. Sandals not allowed.

Private Dining Room: Although no private dining room is available, areas of the restaurant, as well as the Burgundy Room and entire restaurant can be reserved for private parties.

Outdoor Seating:
 Yes, La Cucina has one of the most famous and desirable outdoor terraces in Amman. Dine outdoors amidst lush greenery and flowers. Reservations are recommended as the terrace is often fully booked.

Preset Menus:
Available upon request and can be customized to the guests' requirements.

Take-Away Orders: Yes

Delivery: Yes, offered through Delivery One

Reservations: Recommended. Walk-ins are also welcome subject to availability.

Children Policy: Well-behaved children welcome in the main dining room

Valet service and plenty of street side parking available

Accepts Credit Cards:
Yes, all major credit cards accepted

Gift Certificates:
Can be arranged upon request

Smoking Policy: Smoking & non-smoking areas available. A cigar room is also available as are cigars for purchase.

Nearest Landmark or Cross Street:
Between Four Seasons Hotel and the U.S. Embassy

What's New?
La Cucina offers select dishes for your home freezer storage; simply put in the oven for 20 minutes and serve. Prepared daily. Please inquire within for more details.
What to Expect: As one of the top restaurants in Amman, one can expect top-notch service and cuisine in a refined, exclusive atmosphere. Perfect for quality everyday dining with friends, family or business associates, as well as for special occasions.


Click the pink marker on the map for driving directions.

View La Cucina in a larger map


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