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One With Nature Center, established in 2005 and located in the upscale neighborhood of Abdoun, right behind Orthodox Club, offers luxury facilities, specialized state-of-the-art equipment and a variety of yoga and fitness classes. The center provides several comprehensive fitness and wellness programs to help you achieve your fitness goals and create a happier, healthier lifestyle through movement. OWN Center offers group and private classes in yoga, Pilates, dance, water workout, cardio strength, Zumba fitness as well as a mind-body fitness program for kids.

Our mission is to motivate and inspire you on your journey towards healthy living through mind-body fitness and wellness programs that promote physical, functional and emotional wellbeing. Whether you are just getting started or looking for a new challenge to peak your current workout or practice, our team of certified instructors is always ready to offer support and encouragement, and make sure that all your fitness needs are met.


Yoga is a 5,000-year-old Eastern philosophy which incorporates the mind, body and soul in a mutually supportive relationship. The word “yoga” in Sanskrit means "to unite”, and so yoga connotes to an integrative discipline uniting mind, body and soul to find inner peace, joy and harmony. As you practice yoga, you will develop correct body alignment, gain flexibility and improve your strength, coordination and endurance while simultaneously building self-confidence and inner peace.

Pilates is a system of exercises designed to strengthen the abdominal core of the body while teaching awareness of correct alignment and proper breathing. By focusing on the core postural muscles, Pilates helps keep the body balanced and provides essential support for the spine. It is about moving with mindfulness, precision and control and is a powerful, effective way to:

• Transform the way your body looks and performs
• Build strength without bulk
• Increase flexibility and agility
• Develop optimal core control and function

Improve posture, balance and coordination for more stamina and endurance. One With Nature Center offers Pilates both on the mat and on the special Pilates specialized apparatus such as Reformer, Tower, Cadillac and Chair.

Fitness classes at One With Nature Center use the power of movement to improve your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, balance and flexibility with our specialized range of cardio/strength fitness classes. Our studios are equipped with the latest fitness gear, from specialized stationary bikes for indoor cycling to dumbbells, weight plates and bars for our Power Pump classes.

Zumba Fitness is a fusion of Latin and international music with dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, and challenging workout. The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba is a fun workout that is great for both the mind and body.


Dancing isn’t just a fun thing to do when you’re young, it is a great exercise that can be part of a healthy lifestyle that increases strength, endurance, flexibility, and body awareness and helps build coordination for better functional fitness in everyday living.

An aerobic workout using correct classical ballet technique, body placement, coordination and good posture. Enjoy the graceful movements and musicality of this classical dance while challenging you to build your flexibility and strength. Classes are offered for all adults with or without previous dance experience.

Work out and experience new boundaries of body movement with contemporary dance. Contemporary dance uses the principles of ballet, modern, and postmodern dance to help you learn versatile ways to express yourself. You will discover new movements and use your imagination to build improvisational skills. In its unique way, it integrates the mind, body, and spirit with the various dance movements to relate to the world in a creative way. No dance experience required.

Dabkeh (which literally means "stamping of the feet”) is the most popular traditional Arab line dance that is widely performed at weddings and other joyous occasions. Get energized with a full body workout that not only burns calories, but improves your body’s coordination and cardiovascular endurance. Enjoy learning the different styles of this upbeat dance as you move to the rhythm and beat of authentic Arabic music.


“One With Nature is much more than a fitness program; it is an integrated approach to wellness.” Ralph La Forge, M.S. Duke University Medical Center. The One With Nature (OWN) Mind-Body Water Resistance Exercise Program is a refreshing approach to fitness that blends mind and body in total body workout to enhance physical, functional and spiritual well-being. Capturing the essence of sea animals and their movements, this program allows you to explore the benefits of working in the wonderful medium of water. (click to watch an example of the exercise movement and its relationship to water creatures)

The program allows you to achieve an effective and challenging workout according to your own fitness level. The OWN book contains over 30 movements related to aquatic life in an easy to follow workout sequence. It offers instructions on correct body movement and highlights the muscle groups that are being worked in each movement. It also offers guidelines on how to increase and decrease resistance and intensity levels for a challenging workout. With the special OWN DVD, you will enjoy and witness captivating footage of sea life and learn over 30 exercises that naturally relate to the aquatic life.

This workout has a relaxing and soothing effect on both mind and body. You will not only feel the physical rewards and wonderful benefits of exercising in water, but also experience the beauty and harmony of nature that One With Nature can provide.


One With Nature spa treatments blend the natural elements of the earth with the energizing elements of the sea to balance the mind, body and spirit and restore your body’s health and vitality. Relax and restore your natural vitality with our unique One With Nature spa treatments at the Jordan Valley Marriott Dead Sea Resort & Spa. Choose from our Awakening Body Scrub & Mud Envelopment or Radiance Full Body Massage with Hot Stones.

OWN natural treatments will take you on an enchanting spa experience of relaxation and rejuvenation. The Spa at the Jordan Valley Marriott is a place of peace and beauty where you can restore proper energy flow and balance the mind and body through our wellness program and spa treatments. Enjoy a 10% discount on all One With Nature treatments at the Jordan Valley Marriott Dead Sea Resort & Spa. Collect your 10% discount card from One With Nature Center in Abdoun. To make an appointment, please contact One With Nature Center at +962 79 522 3099.


Ghada Muasher, a Jordanian entrepreneur and philanthropist, is the owner and founder of One With Nature (OWN) Center located in Abdoun.

Inspired by the crystal waters and wondrous captivating world beneath the waves of Aqaba and the Red Sea, Ghada first created the One With Nature Mind-Body Water Exercise Program which relates exercises to the natural elements of sea, land and sky. In the spirit of unity and ongoing passion to connect to nature, each other and the world around us, she established the One With Nature Center: A fitness and wellness center where one can embark on their OWN special journeys and experience the mind, body and soul connection through various fitness and wellness programs and activities.

Ghada has written various children’s stories including I Can, The Adventures of Sandy Starfish and other books encouraging kids to move and learn to protect their environment, appreciate differences and become happier, healthier and more resilient.

Ghada is co-founder of PROMISE Welfare Society. She is also the creator of the I Can project to empower and inspire Jordanian youth to build confidence and discover the “I Can” in them through nurturing their individual creativity, strengths and talents.

Ghada has produced and directed various video clips, songs and live shows to motivate our youth to discover their special talents and channel their boundless energy into working together as a team to make a positive difference to themselves and the world around them.

“Being one with nature is about moving together, appreciating our differences and focusing on our commonalities. No one walks alone; the journey makes us one.”

One With Nature Center
2 Ahmed Al-Dayri Street, Building #2
Behind Orthodox Club
Amman, Jordan.
Tel: (962) 079-622-3099


Products & Services: Yoga, Pilates & Fitness Classes and Supplies
Official Website: http://www.onewithnaturecenter.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/One-With-Nature-Center
Email: info@onewithnaturecenter.com

Business Hours: 9am-9pm SATURDAY-THURSDAY

Services: All types of fitness classes in a refined atmosphere. Specialties include:




Mat Pilates


Machine Pilates


Zumba Fitness


Fitness, Cardio & Strength Classes


OWN Water Workout


Dance Classes including Ballet and Belly Dance


OWN Water Workout


Sandy Starfish Kids Club

Modern Amenities: Contemporary exercise machines including Pilates Machines, Reformer and Tower, Cadillac and Combo Chair.

Special Services: Private, Group & Corporate Classes

Ambiance: Contemporary, Elegant, Peaceful & Friendly

Products Available at the Center:
One With Nature products, Dead Sea Spa products, Danskin Yoga and fitness apparel and yoga props.

Smoking Policy:
Absolutely no smoking allowed

Gift Certificates:

Payments Accepted: Cash

Plenty of safe and secure roadside parking available

Nearest Landmark or Cross Street: Behind the Orthodox Club in Abdoun

Official Website:

Facebook Group:

What's New?
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What to Expect: Various Yoga, Pilates, Fitness & Dance classes offered by trained and certified professionals, friendly staff members and good energy all in a upscale locale.


While all yoga styles promote the unification of body, mind and breath, they go about it in various ways. They may differ in how asanas are done and where they focus the attention - on mastering and holding the posture, on strict alignment, on breathing and on the flow of movement. No style is better than the other; it is simply a matter of personal preference.

Join us and feel the physical, mental, emotional and therapeutic benefits of yoga. At One With Nature Centre we offer:


Pilates Classes  


Pilates Mat Classes  


Pilates Machine Classes with Equipment or Apparatus


Interactive Yoga  


Back Care Yoga  


Private Yoga Therapy  


Free Style Integration Yoga  


Iyengar Yoga  


Core Strength Yoga  


Vinyasa Yoga




Power Yoga


Youth Yoga


Corporate Yoga


Pilates is a system of exercises designed to strengthen the abdominal core of the body while teaching awareness of correct alignment and proper breathing. By focusing on the core postural muscles, Pilates helps keep the body balanced and provides essential support for the spine. It is about moving with mindfulness, precision and control and is a powerful, effective way to:

• Transform the way your body looks and performs
• Build strength without bulk
• Increase flexibility and agility
• Develop optimal core control and function
• Improve posture, balance and coordination for more stamina and endurance

This is a group class designed for all ages and fitness levels. All of the essential pilates exercise principles are incorporated in this class to enhance your mind-body connection, build core strength and improve posture and flexibility.

Work on the mat as your body serves to create resistance – a great way to build core strength and increase flexibility. Props such as the ball, BOSU, ring and foam rollers are incorporated for more variety and challenge.

Pilates machine classes use resistance training to improve posture, strength and flexibility for an integrated Pilates workout, regardless of your fitness level. Our specialized machines are versatile, allowing you to perform a multitude of exercises at varying levels of intensity. Exercises can be done while standing, sitting, kneeling or lying down.

Transform your body and strengthen your core using the Pilates RTC apparatus and combo chair. Resistance is created on the Pilates reformer and tower by pulling on straps that are attached to springs so you can perform a whole range of exercises for all your major muscle groups. The Pilates cadillac apparatus uses variable-length and gauge springs to lengthen and strengthen all your muscles simultaneously, improving joint flexibility and range of motion. The Pilates combo chair stretches and strengthens the muscle groups that cannot be easily accessed by conventional training and equipment.


Explore the mind-body connection and discover the rich heritage of Jordan with One With Nature yoga day trips and participate in our yoga workshops given by experienced and renowned yoga teachers from all over the world.

Join our mailing list on the One With Nature Center website to receive information about upcoming trips and workshops throughout the year.  Choose from:


Dead Sea Trip


Jordan Valley & Sihan Trip


Ajloun & Jerash Trip


Salt & Zay Trip


Aqaba Trip


Petra & Wadi Rum Trip


The Ican-jo website is based on the story of I Can to encourage kids to build self-esteem and discover their creativity and talent. Children will have an opportunity to share their own "I Can" success stories and experiences with each other in an open, safe environment. The I Can Team will share their special talents and will have the chance to perform live in shows and events that will serve the community. Visit us at www.ican-jo.com.


Fun-loving and full of boundless energy and enthusiasm, Sandy Starfish motivates kids to move, discover and learn in an interactive, fun and creative way. Sandy Starfish Kids Club combines movement and music with story time adventures to provide a fun, exciting and dynamic program in a safe and friendly environment.

Kids’ Interactive Website: www.SandyStarfish.com
Sandystarfish.com is a website built specially for kids to get introduced to Sandy Starfish and his friends and play fun, interactive games and activities that reinforce the goals of Sandy Starfish Program and integrative curriculum.


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